Air Quality

Making a Brighter Future

Klamath County currently has one monitoring station at Peterson Elementary school. The monitor has reported poor air quality in Klamath Falls for several years. As a result, the EPA has designated Klamath Falls as a “non-attainment area”. We can reach attainment if we all do our share.

74% of our poor air quality comes from uncertified wood stoves and fireplaces. Replacing your uncertified wood stove or fireplace with a certified wood stove or fireplace can help Klamath reach attainment and continue receiving federal funding. Together, by following the Klamath County air quality advisory and related burning regulations, we can ensure a bright future for the health and well-being of our community.

Do your share for clean air by following the air quality advisory? Call 541-882-2876 or visit the air quality website for more information. To view hourly air quality data visit the State of Oregon website and select Klamath Falls – Peterson School. You can also view our 24 hour average Air Quality Index.

Things to Remember

  • If it doesn’t grow, don’t burn it: Only leaves, branches, and other plant grown can be burned, nothing else.
  • Smoke can hurt you, and others: Although smoke from a fire may not bother you immediately, it can be a serious health threat. Smoke and soot from outdoor fires can cause health problems, particularly if you already have respiratory conditions, and pollute the air. Fires, also, can burn out of control, destroying forests and burning down homes.
  • Get a certified wood stove or fireplace insert: Replace your wood stove with a new, cleaner heating system.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle: Brush can be composted, donate unwanted items, and recycle goods.