Klamath County Clerk

Election Measures

County, City and District Referral Manual

District and City Measures will not appear in the Voters’ Pamphlet, they will be on the ballot only. If you would like to send your ballot title electronically, once filed, you can send it to KlamathCountyElections@klamathcounty.org.

The ballot title prepared must contain all of the following elements:

  • A caption that does not exceed 10 words
    The caption must reasonably identify the subject of the referral.
  • A question that does not exceed 20 words
    The question must plainly phrase the chief purpose of the referral so that an affirmative response corresponds to a yes vote on the referral.


  • a summary of the referral that does not exceed 175 words
    The summary shall be concise and impartial and summarize the referral and its major effect.

Notice of County Measure Election: : The county governing body must file the final ballot title, certifying the challenge process is complete on Form SEL 801

Notice of City Measure Election: The city elections official must file the final ballot title certifying the challenge process is complete on Form SEL 802

Notice of District Measure Election: The district elections authority must file a ballot title on
Form  SEL 803



November Election – Nov 3

Klamath County Measures
18-104: Klamath County Fire District


Special Election – May 19

Klamath County Measures
18-100: Five-Year Jail Operations Local Option Tax
18-101: Formation of the Klamath County Extension Service District


General – Nov 4

Klamath County Measures
18-99: Klamath Falls City Schools - School Improvements for Safety, Repairs, Systems, Educational Space and Technology


Primary – May 20

Klamath County Measures
18-93:  Changes Klamath County Government to Home Rule under
County Charter

18-94:  Creates a Public Safety Fee for a Jail Operations Fund (withdrawn)

18-95:  Five year renewal of current local option tax for Museum

18-96:  Five-year Local Option Tax for Emergency Dispatch Services


Special Election - Nov 5

Klamath County Measures
18-92: Klamath Community College District Bond to Expand and Update Facilities

Special Election - May 21

Klamath County Measures
18-90: Makes Klamath County Commissioners Nonpartisan
18-91: Bond for Improvements and New Elementary School


General Election - Nov 6

Klamath County Measures
18-88: Consolidation of Bly Sanitary and Bly Water Districts
18-89: Five Year Local Option Tax for Operations

Primary - May 15

Klamath County Measures
18-86: Klamath Falls City Schools' Local Option Funding Request
18-87: Three-Year Jail Operations Local Option Tax (withdrawn)


Special Election - May 17

Klamath County Measures


General Election - Nov 2

Klamath County Measures

Primary Election - May 18

Klamath County Measures


General Election - Nov 4

Klamath County Measures

Primary Election - May 20

Klamath County Measures


Primary Election - May 16

Klamath County Measures