Contractor Incentive Program

General Information

The Klamath County Board of Commissioners invite scholarship/grant applications for those desiring to move into the construction industry in order to help develop and grow the number of available housing stock and improve housing quality. 

Applications may be submitted electronically to Klamath County Board of Commissioners at:

Applications may also be delivered by mail or in person to 305 Main Street Klamath Falls Oregon 97601. Mail delivery, electronic delivery functionality and office accessibility issues are the responsibility of the applicant.


The Klamath County Board of Commissioners recognize a need to increase the quantity and quality of housing inventory to better meet the needs of a growing population.  The Commissioners also recognize fees and costs associated with training and licensing often preclude interested parties from getting involved in the construction trade.  The Board desires to help those interested people get licensed and certified by granting funds for their training and insurance.     


These grant funds must be used to pay for the State of Oregon Contractors Board course fees (about $400).

Percentage of minimum performance bond, not to exceed $5000.

State of Oregon Contractors License (about $250). 

The award amount is not to exceed $5,650 per applicant. Only one award per applicant. 


Klamath County Residents are eligible. Must have a valid driver’s license. 

Grant recipients are asked to procure and maintain upon completion of certification a one-year commitment to working in Klamath County. Recipients will be asked to complete a brief report at the end of the year including local commitments and connection. 


Grantees must submit receipts at the end of the grant period to demonstrate that funding was used for items in the restrictions section (Board Course Fees, Contractors License, performance bond fees) 

Receipts are due within 90 days of award receipt.


An evaluator and/or evaluation committee will review grant applications. Recommendations of the top ranking applications and a funding level to the Board of Commissioners who will then make the final decision for awarding grants. A “Selection Criteria Summary” is attached to demonstrate how this application will be scored. 

Scholarship/Grant Agreement 

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a letter of agreement with Klamath County. The agreement will specify the conditions of payment and grant requirements. 

Payment Information

Each applicant shall submit a completed IRS form W-9 with the contract agreement. The W-9 will contain all the information for the individual or entity to whom Klamath County will remit payments. Payments will not be made for expenses incurred prior to the effective date of the letter of agreement.

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