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02102021 vaccine schedule

February 4, 2021, Summary of COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee vaccine sequencing recommendations

February 22, 2021, Klamath County update

This week marks the eligibility for those 70 and older to be vaccinated. There are a total of 10,222 people aged 70 and older in Klamath County. It will be weeks, perhaps months, before everyone who would like to be vaccinated will have access to vaccine.

Please be patient. There is not a registry for those who would like to be vaccinated. Individuals must contact the vaccine provider for an appointment and available vaccine.

Last week’s shipment of vaccine arrived this Monday morning, along with this week’s shipment. Some of this week’s vaccine provided to Klamath County was Pfizer and sent directly to Sky Lakes Medical Center.

Of the vaccine received at Public Health, 700 first doses will be given to Sky Lakes Medical Center. Another 400 second doses will be given, too.

To schedule an appointment with Sky Lakes Medical Center, call 1-833-606-4370.

Second doses were also given to the Bonanza and Merrill Clinics (200 doses) and Klamath Open Door Clinic (270 doses).

Albertsons Pharmacy will eventually be able to provide vaccinations and appointments can be made online. The website is

Again, doses are limited. Not everyone who wants a vaccine will receive one immediately. Please continue to be patient.

More information will be provided, as it becomes available.

To subscribe to email vaccine updates, send a message to Those without access to email may call the vaccine update number at 541.885.6753. Updates will also be shared with newspaper, radio and television media outlets.

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Stopping a pandemic is going to take all our tools: handwashing, masks, social distancing, and vaccines. Taken together, these tools offer the best chance of getting our communities, schools, and health systems back to normal sooner. COVID-19 has had a huge impact on daily life for many people. A COVID-19 vaccine can help you stay healthy, give you peace of mind, and get you back to spending time with family and friends.

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Early vaccine in Klamath County

Sky Lakes Medical Center and Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services was provided access to vaccine the week of December 21 to serve these agencies' frontline healthcare workers. In Oregon, hospitals and Tribal Health have been made priority vaccination agencies, as each serves its local vulnerable populations. After these institutions are served other healthcare workers will be provided vaccination opportunities, and will be followed by long-term care facilities' employees and residents.