Planning Commission Meeting

How to Watch

The Klamath County Government Channel broadcasts on Charter cable channel 181; you may also watch the February 23rd meeting via Livestream by clicking here:

Previously recorded meetings can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Upcoming Planning Commission Agenda Items

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CLUP 3-20 City of Chiloquin: Exception for Sewer Treatment Facility


Submittal Rules 

May 11th to May 25th @ 5:00pm

Open to all to submit new testimony

May 26th to June 8th @ 5:00pm

On June 8th – Record closes to all except the applicant.

Open to all to submit rebuttal to testimony received during May 11th to May 25th  (Rebuttal can contain new evidence)

June 9th to June 15th@ 5:00pm

On June 15th – The record is closed.

Open to only the applicant.  The applicant can submit summary statement.  Summary statement cannot contain new information.

June 22 @ 5:00 pm

BOCC deliberates and renders a decision (no public testimony)

Staff Report
CLUP 3-20 LUBA 2020-054 Amended Record
CLUP 3-20 SUP A Article 47
CLUP 3-20 SUP B Article 48
CLUP 3-20 SUP C Article 55
CLUP 3-20 SUP D Article 59
CLUP 3-20 SUP E Wastewater Facilities Plan
CLUP 3-20 SUP F LUBA Appeal Final Opinion and Order
CLUP 3-20 SUP G Judy Dahl
CLUP 3-20 SUP H through SUP L
CLUP 3-20 SUP N Sean Malone
CLUP 3-20 SUP O Jacobus Handout
CLUP 3-20 SUP P Exhibits
CLUP 3-20 SUP AD Malone Ex 6
CLUP 3-20 SUP AE Malone Ex 7
CLUP 3-20 SUP AG Knabke Letter
CLUP 3-20 SUP AH-Applicant rebuttal-Reasons for Selection
CLUP 3-20 SUP R Maupin letter
CLUP 3-20 SUP S Snipes letter
CLUP 3-20 SUP T Dingman letter
CLUP 3-20 SUP U Tunno letter
CLUP 3-20 SUP V DaBill Email
CLUP 3-20 SUP W Applicant Submittal
CLUP 3-20 SUP X Malone letter
CLUP 3-20 SUP Y Malone Ex 1
CLUP 3-20 SUP Z Malone Ex 2
CLUP 3-20 SUP AA Malone Ex 3
CLUP 3-20 SUP AB Malone Ex 4
CLUP 3-20 SUP AD Malone Ex 5
CLUP 3-20 SUP AF Felber Letter
CLUP 3-20 SUP AI Applicant Rebuttal
CLUP 3-20 SUP AJ Malone Rebuttal
CLUP 3-20 Applicant Final Summary