County Services

Project Department Funds Allocated
Data Cloud Solutions (software to work from field) Assessor $132,220
Community Development Department Digitization Community Development $165,345
Community Corrections Digitization Community Corrections $16,927
Developmental Disability Services Software/Hardware Developmental Disability Services $6,100.55
Developmental Disability Services Digitization Developmental Disability Services $18,600
Human Resources Digitization Human Resources $7,000
Public Health med room generator Public Health $20,000
Public Health Refrigerator and Freezer Public Health $3,758
Tax Lot Maps Digitization Surveyor $148,000
Medical Examiner District Attorney $45,356.36
IT - Remote Work IT $50,298.70
Basin Telecom purchases to enhance Polycom systems IT $12,980
Printer to scan maps to Helion; allows public electronic access Assessor $8,807
Janitorial Cleaning Services - COVID 19 Public Works $10,000
ASUS Laptop for Room 219 BOCC $1,052.63
Grant Manager Salary (.5) through Dec. 31, 2026 Finance $236,000
8 Hours ARPA Pay all County Employees BOCC $138,174.93
Human Resources Recruitment Tool Human Resources $9,900
Code Enforcement Property Cleanup CDD $100,000
Code Enforcement Vehicles (2) CDD $90,000
CDD Long Range Planning CDD $100,000
Body Scanner and Mail Scanner Sheriff and Corrections $220,000
BMX Water Meter with City of Klamath Falls BOCC $4,397.50
Baldwin Hotel Stairs Museum $75,000
Water Master Office Water Master $356,920.90
Building Permits 1/2 off fees CDD $1,600,000
DME Refrigerator District Attorney $252
KRP Data Systems Software for 911 Emergency Management $25,000
Klamath County Fairgrounds Food Truck Court Fairgrounds $750,000
OSU Economic Study - Water Deliveries OSU Extension Office $15,000
Grant Manager Conference Finance $2,254.36
F-15 Jet Display with City of Klamath Falls BOCC $300,000
Extension Service - County to purchase property for KCC Childcare BOCC $215,000
DA District Attorney II (2 positions) District Attorney $230,581
Extension Service District - Building Purchase Ext Office $929,591.19
ESRI Software IT $165,000
Smart Sheet Software Finance $5,250
Klamath Basin Water Solution request Public Works $180,000
Microphone Equipment for Room 214 IT $6,181
TOTAL COUNTY OBLIGATIONS Klamath County $6,409,754.32