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If you have a nuisance complaint, click on the ’Submit a Nuisance Complaint’ icon or link above to make a report online. Click Here to add photos to you complaint or issue. You must include the address or location referenced in your complaint (submitted using the form above). Please note: Over sized photos may not transmit.

You can also download, print, complete, and return the initial complaint form (below). Please make sure your complaint is not within city limits! Not sure if the complaint is city or county? Click here for a map of city limits, then here to submit a complaint to City Code Enforcement.

Please note that an initial investigation of a complaint and subsequent investigation activity may take several weeks. We will address each complaint in the order it is received; we appreciate your commitment to keeping our community clean!

NOTE: If you suspect there is unauthorized building taking place in your area, please visit our Building Code Enforcement page for more information.

Clean Up Klamath

Click the photo to see some of our most common code complaints and how you can help!

Clean up Klamath

Code Enforcement Forms and Documents

Nuisance Investigation Data 2022 (updated monthly)

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  • Note: Some properties may be very close together; click the small arrow buttons at the top of the popup window to scroll through cases. 
       Click this link to view historical code enforcement case data
Click HERE to see the map for end of 2021 case status
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