Applying for Developmental Disability Services

What is a Developmental/Intellectual Disability?Eligibility

An Intellectual/developmental disability (I/DDs) is a neurological condition that primarily affects the brain and possibly motor functioning. Developmental Disabilities originate before an individual is 22 years of age while intellectual disabilities occur before an individual is 18. Examples of Developmental Disabilities may include Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other neurologically disabling conditions. 

Who is Eligible for Developmental Disabilities?

Not all persons who exhibit disabilities are eligible for services. Eligibility is determined by gathering an applicant’s developmental history and any records that can help determine if they meet requirements outlined in the Oregon Administrative Rules Definitions (OAR 411-320-00 –  and OAR 411-320-0080).

How do I apply for services through the Developmental Disabilities Program?

You may start the application process by either calling the Klamath County Developmental Disabilities Front Office Line at 541-885-2435 or emailing (Any emails that are sent via this link are not automatically encrypted). You will be directed to an Eligibility Support Person.  Be prepared to leave your contact information (phone and mailing address) along with any other information or questions you may have.

If you want to know more information about what the Eligibility Support Staff might need from you please review the application form

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Application Form

Is there an appeal process if I am found Ineligible?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with the eligibility determination, you may request a contested case hearing by filling out an Administrative Hearing Request Form (SDS 0443DD) or by making a verbal request to a DHS employee. Information about hearings and the hearing process are located in ORS 183.411 to ORS 183.470, ORS 411.095, OAR 137-003-0501 through 137-003-0700, OAR 411-318-0000 through OAR 411-318-0030, OAR 461-025-0300 through 461-025-0375, and OAR 461-025-0300.

How do I refer an individual to the Developmental Disability Program? 

Anyone can make a referral for individuals living in Klamath County as long as the individual or their legal guardian has granted permission. Referrals can be made by calling the Klamath County Developmental Disabilities Front Office line and asking for an Eligibility Support Person or filling out an I/DD Referral form. 

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Referral Form 

Formulario de referencia (para niños y adultos)