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Report of job injury or illness (801 Form) OSHA requirements:

  • On the job fatalities and catastrophes must be reported to Oregon OSHA within eight hours.
  • Report any accident that results in overnight hospitalization within 24 hours to Oregon OSHA. Call 800-922-2689, 503-378-3272, or Oregon Emergency Response 800-452-0311, on nights and weekends.
  • If an employee is seen at a clinic, by a doctor, or at the hospital or emergency room, an 801 form must be completed and returned to Risk Management within 48 hours of the care being provided.
  • Normally, when first aid is the only care provided, an 801 form is not necessary. However, failure to complete the paperwork when required may result in fines, which are the responsibility of the injured employee’s department.

Klamath County’s Incident/Accident and Injury Reporting Procedures

Self Assessment Worksheet-Office Ergonomics

Safety Committee

Safety Committee meets in the Government Center at 11:30 a.m. on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

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