About Us

The Klamath County Assessor’s office administers a state-mandated program that establishes an estimate of fair market value on all residential, commercial, business personal property, industrial land and all industrial improvement values less than $1,000,000 in Klamath County for tax purposes. We are responsible for administrating all laws governing the assessment and appraisal of all properties, maintains records and maps, documents ownership changes recorded in the Clerk’s Office, verifies all sales that occur in Klamath County, determines real estate market trends, property tax exemptions, farm and forest special assessments and prepares and levies taxes.

Who We Are & What We Do

Someone has ruefully noted, "The Assessment and Taxation Departments are a county government’s greatest political liability and its greatest economic asset". Klamath County has 74 taxing districts and 16 special districts for whom fifty-seven million dollars ($57,000,000) in property taxes and fees will be collected and to whom that money will be distributed in 2008-09.


The purpose of the "ad-valorem" property tax system is to provide a financing mechanism for local governments such as cities, school districts, fire districts, park districts, vector control districts, road districts, cemetery districts, sanitary districts and special districts.

Taxes for the County

While county government is among those local taxing districts that receive property tax revenues, only 14.5 cents out of every dollar assessed (14.5%) is for the Klamath County General Fund. In effect, most of the work we do is on behalf of all the other taxing districts in the county and the patrons of those districts.

Mission Statement

The Klamath County Assessor’s office believes that serving the public interest is our number one priority. We are committed to upholding the values and principles of honesty, fairness, courtesy, and respect in all interactions with the public, other government agencies, and co-workers. We are dedicated professionals that believes in team work and we strive for excellence in every corner of our office.

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