Fee Schedule

  • All fees must be paid in advance. We now accept debit and credit cards.
  • A $1.49 convenience fee will be charged.
  • When fees are received, the document will be prepared.

Note: A self addressed envelope is helpful for the return of your documents.

Licenses / Declarations

Marriage License (includes Certified Copy)
$57.75 cash or debit (no checks accepted)
Duplicate Marriage Certificate
Duplicate Marriage Packet
Marriage Consent for Minor
$10.00 cash or debit (no checks accepted)
Marriage Waiver of 3-Day Waiting Period
$10.00 cash or debit (no checks accepted)
Registering of Declaration of Domestic Partnership
$57.75 cash or debit (no checks accepted)
Duplicate Certificate of Registered Domestic Partnership

Certified Copies

Certified Copy of Discharge Papers
No Fee
Certified Copy of Domestic Partnership
Certified Copy of Marriage License
Certified Copy of Recorded Document
$7.75 (includes first 2 pages, location, and certification charges)
Certified Copy of Voter Registration Card or Voting History Printout
$7.75 (includes location, copy and certification charges)

Election Results

Abstracts, Voters’ Pamphlet, or PCP Report
$3.75 plus $0.25 per page
Voter List (electronic format - CD or email)
$25.00 plus $0.025/100 voters
Voter List (hardcopy)
$25.00 plus $0.025/100 voters plus $.25 per page
Any Other OCVR Report
$3.75 plus $0.25 per page

Board of Property Tax Appeals Records

CD Fee
CD of BOPTA Hearing $10.00/Disc


Copies Fee
CDs of Recorded Documents $250.00/month
Replacement CD $10.00/each


Search Options
Public Record Search The Clerk’s Office does not conduct record searches; a limited search for a specific date may be done, depending on time constraints. See fees above. You may conduct your own search, or contact a local researcher or title company.

Notary Public

Service Fee
Notary Services $10.00 per signature/person


Passport Processing Fee (additional fee required to State Department)


Service Fee
Wedding Ceremony