Board of Property Tax Appeals


Notice of Session 2022 (pdf)

Board Functions

County boards of property tax appeals hear petitions for reduction of the real market, maximum assessed, specially assessed, and assessed value of property placed on the roll by the county assessor. The boards also consider requests to waive penalties assessed for the late filing of real and personal property returns.

The functions of the boards are a very important part of maintaining a fair and equitable property tax system in Oregon. The board consists of the chairperson of the county commissioners or appointee, and two non office-holding county residents. ORS 309.020

Measure 50

In the spring of 1997 Measure 50 was passed. Measure 50 created a maximum assessed value of property which is the 1995 to 1996 value minus 10 percent and limited future growth of maximum assessed value to 3 percent per year with certain exceptions.

$25.00 Filing Fee per Petition

All forms must be addressed and submitted to the below address to be considered filed:

Klamath County Clerk
305 Main St.
Klamath Falls, OR  97601

Forms (need to be postmarked or turned in by January 02):

Authorization to Represent 303-031

Instructions for Real Property Petition 310-063-1

Real Property Petition 310-063

Instructions for Personal Property Petition 310-064-1

Personal Property Petition 310-064

Instructions for Waiver of Late Filing Penalty 310-065-1

Waiver of Late Filing Penalty 310-065