Permits and Fees

Driveway and Road Approach Permit (See resolution links below)

A driveway and Road Approach Permit is required when someone wishes to connect to a right of way under the jurisdiction of Klamath County.  An example of a connection could be a residential driveway, commercial driveway, agriculture field access, existing easement or a public right of way.  

*** Beginning on July 1, 2021 the non-refundable fees for applying for a driveway permit are as follows:

Residential Driveway:                                 $225.00

Industrial/Commercial/Other Driveway     $425.00

Address Fee:                                               $100.00

The following link will connect you to the Driveway/Addressing fee payments

Driveway/Addressing Payment Link

The following link will connect you to the permit paperwork. This will need to be saved to your computer in order to submit the form. 

Driveway Permit


1) Review all general provisions and construction regulations (pages 1-5).

2) Fill out the top of page 6.  Make sure you have your property map/tax/lot number  (ex. R.4110.005A0.00100.000).  This will be the page that needs to be returned to Klamath County Public Works.  Please keep pages 1-5 as your construction guidelines.  

3) Sign and Date Permit

4) Include Site Plan with Submittal showing location of driveway where it leaves the Named Road. 

5) Driveway Location must be marked on the ground at the edge of property line off of roadway.  This can be done using stakes with flagging or some other obvious item for the Inspector.  If possible nearest property corner need also be marked.  

6)  Make sure you contact Klamath County Public Works once the location has been marked on the ground.

Right of Way Permit

A right of way permit is required when someone or some company wishes to work within the limits of the right of way that's under the jurisdiction of Klamath County.  Some examples of working in the right of way are installing/replacing utilities, installing conduit for carrying irrigation pipes, installing storm drainage pipe, adding a rock or asphalt wearing course to the roadbed and constructing/replacing sidewalks and curbs.  The following link will connect you to the permit paperwork.


Resolution Links:

Addressing Fee Resolution

Driveway Fee Resolution

Submit Permit Information via Mail, Email or Fax To The Following:

Klamath County Public Works

305 Main Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601

Fax:    541-882-3046

Phone: 541-883-4696