Emergency Operations Plan

Volunteers Work Together to Fill Sandbags During Sprague River Flood Cited  Klamath County recognizes that it is primarily the responsibility of the government to respond to an emergency or disaster in order to protect lives and property. Resultantly, the Klamath County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) was compiled in order to assist emergency response personnel in minimizing the loss of life and property during and after an emergency.

The Klamath County EOP functions as an all-hazards plan to be utilized by local fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical service personnel in the event of an emergency that exceeds the scope of any single agency within the county. Originally composed in 2011, this document outlines a basic plan for emergency response and recovery. Additionally, this plan includes supplemental annexes that describe essential operational functions as well as special planning requirements for specific hazards.

  The unique design of this plan allows it to be utilized in any type or size of emergency as a reference for emergency response teams to review both strategic and tactical procedures. In addition to serving as a reference for emergency response teams, this plan also provides guidance for the activation and implementation of a county emergency operations center to further support emergency response operations.

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