Manufactured Dwellings

Placing, moving, demolishing, or converting a manufactured dwelling requires specific documentation. Many of the forms required to work with manufactured dwellings are found at the State of Oregon Building Codes Division. These types of structures have design and construction requirements that differ from traditional structures, and include permits, tags, and dealer/distributor disclosure statements. Please review the information below if you plan to place, move, demolish, or decommission/convert a manufactured structure.

Manufactured Dwelling Forms

Minimum Documents Required for Manufactured Dwelling Permit (two copies each):

Other Jurisdiction Approvals

  • Obtain other required approvals including Planning, Public Works, On-Site, Public Health, Fire District, Sanitary District, etc.

Site Plan

  • Fully Dimensioned showing all property features
  • Flood Certification (where applicable)

Installation Plan

  • Blocking, runner and / or foundation design or layout

Floor Plan(s)

  • Fully Dimensioned
  • Room Use

Ownership Information (not required at the time of permit issuance)

  • Contact State of Oregon (Manufactured Structure Ownership Document required in the State of Oregon)

Important Demolition Information for Manufactured Dwellings

Asbestos Removal: The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) requires an Asbestos Survey before a structure is demolished or intentionally burned. All manufactured dwelling demolition projects require an Asbestos Survey if the manufacture date is prior to 2004. Only an accredited inspector may perform an asbestos survey; owner-occupants are not allowed to perform friable asbestos abatement for demolition projects. Additional information is available on DEQ’s asbestos information page You may also contact their Salem office at (503) 229-5696.

Waste Disposal: Property owners may use their own equipment to transport and dispose of construction waste in conjunction with demolition activities to the Klamath County Landfill (located at 801 Old Fort Rd, Klamath Falls). De-titled manufactured structures require a trip permit from the State of Oregon to be taken to the landfill. All manufactured structure are required to complete a Manufactured Dwelling Landfill Receipt. The Asbestos Survey Forms and Asbestos ANS Form must be turned in to both the landfill and at the Building Division counter (if applicable; see above). Incomplete or missing forms will result in admittance refusal at the landfill site.

Planning Approval: Ask the Klamath County Planning Department for a Demolition Packet (if you are within the county) or obtain the Demolition Packet online (if you are in the city) which includes necessary State forms and information. The Planning Approval process must be completed prior to obtaining permits from the Building Division for all types of manufactured homes.

State of Oregon Requirements: If property owner is new or recently changed, ownership documents must be filled out and approved by the State of Oregon during the demolition permit process of mobile homes that are not de-titled. This process verifies outstanding liens and/or taxes owed prior to the asset being landfilled. Each lessor, mortgagee, trust-deed beneficiary, lien holder of record, and security interest-holder must be listed or, if none are listed, the manufactured structure must be free and clear of all mortgages, deeds of trust, security interests, and liens. All taxes must be currently paid; proof of current payment status will be required prior to demolition permit issuance. All pertinent ownership forms can be obtained at  Prior to permit application for titled manufactured homes, applicant shall complete a “Manufactured Structure Multipurpose Change Application” (available at the MHODS system at Oregon MHODS; this form must be completed and filed with the State of Oregon. Decommissioning or converting manufactured homes also requires forms to be filed with the State; please visit to obtain these forms and additional information. No demolition permit will be issued without verification on the State website that these forms have been completed and accepted by the State.

Wells: The Oregon Water Resources Department should be contacted if you plan to abandon an existing well. They can be reached at (541) 883-4182.

Sewer and Septic Systems: The sewer line shall be capped on private property. If the waste disposal system is a septic system, then the Klamath County Onsite Department should be contacted at (541) 883-5121 ext. 6.

Gas and Electricity Shutoff: To disconnect gas service contact Avista Utilities at 1 (800) 227-9187. Contact Pacific Power to disconnect electrical service 1-888-221-7070. Contact the Oregon Utility Notification Center and schedule an underground utility locate prior to demolition by dialing 811 or visiting their website at